LPG混气站 LPG Gas Mixing Station

2007-07-03 14:15:53

1、项目名称: LPG混气站。













2、地    址:大连长兴岛临港工业区


4、联 人:李惠民  殷长桩

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1. Project Name: LPG Gas Mixing Station.

2. Main Contents and Investment Scale of Project: A LPG gas mixing station will be newly built adopting natural gas process. On the peak time, the natural gas production capacity is 8500NM3/H, the calorific value is 12000kcal/NM3. In case of 6-day reserves amount, two 1000m3 spherical tanks should be selected. The plant covers 18,000 m2 and the investment is estimated to be 65 million RMB Yuan.

3. Necessity of Construction: Meet the demand of the general development of the harbor industry zone, improve the gasification rate of the fuel gas in the pipe, and achieve the modernization of fuel gas gradually.

4. Economic Benefit Analysis and Market Prospect Estimate: The Annual sales income will be RMB$190 million. According to the general planning of the development of Changxing Island, the fuel gas consumption amount is 200,000m3/day (natural gas) before 2010, while that during the 10 years from 2010 to 2020 will be 800,000m3/day (natural gas). Before the natural gas is introduced onto the island, the liquefied gas mixed with aeration will be used primarily as the gas source of the industry park.

5. Form of Investment: Wholly-funded proprietorship.

6. Geographic Position, Transportation and Communication: The project is located on the land-based area of Changxing Island Industry Park. Shenyang-Dalian Expressway and by-line of Harbin-Dalian Railway goes through to the harbor area, and the communication facilities are very consummate.

7. Investment Condition Provided by Both parties and the Ratio of  Investments: Government provides resource conditions and matching conditions.

8. Techniques and Equipments Planned to Be Introduced: Capital and equipments.

9. Previous Working Situation of Project: Previous planning work has been completed.

10. Construction Period and Payback Period of Investment of Project: 6-month construction period and 2-year payback period of investment (including construction period).


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